What does buzzard mean?

buzzard meaning in General Dictionary

Senseless stupid

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  • a brand new World vulture that is typical in South America and Central The united states and the south US
  • the common European short-winged hawk
  • A bird of prey associated with Hawk family members, from the genus Buteo and relevant genera.
  • A blockhead; a dunce.
  • Senseless; stupid.

buzzard meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, from Old French buisart "buzzard, harrier, substandard hawk," from buson, buison, from Latin buteonem (nominative buteo) some sort of hawk, possibly with -art suffix for one that keeps on some activity or possesses some quality, with derogatory connotation (see -ard).

buzzard meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A bird of victim of this Hawk family, belonging to the genus Buteo and related genera.

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  • (n.) A blockhead; a dunce.
  • (a.) Senseless; stupid.

Sentence Examples with the word buzzard

The main line of the same company serves Leighton Buzzard in the south-west, and there is a branch thence to Dunstable, which, with Luton, is also served by a branch of the Great Northern line.

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