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butz, an onomatopeia to spell it out impact or a force brought to an objectPronounced bootz A manifestation tagged onto the end of a bad declaration. A common term into the class of 96/97 Kowhai Intermediate school, Auckland, brand new Zealand. An effective noun, that dirives it's name from a village in Germany. Through history, your house of Butz or(Boots).Thats was victorious, generally in most of our conquests when you look at the U.S. the famly has acted,according to your household crest. "The fist is 1st.to the shield" a fart, flatulence, a great toot Loud, Bald, Fat, Mammal which makes its house in Wapwallopen PA. Does nbt bathe. Smells horrible. In some way produced offspring bastard child.