What does butyric mean?

butyric meaning in General Dictionary

With Respect To or derived from butter

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  • relating to or producing butyric acid
  • with respect to, or derived from, butter.

butyric meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1826, from stem of Latin butyrum "butter" (see butter (n.)) + -ic.

butyric meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) with respect to, or produced by, butter.

Sentence Examples with the word butyric

Thus in cows' butter, tributyrin, C 3 H 5 (O C 4 H 7 0) 3, and the analogous glycerides of other readily volatile acids closely resembling butyric acid, are present in small quantity; the production of these acids on saponification and distillation with dilute sulphuric acid is utilized as a test of a purity of butter as sold.

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