What does buttonholes mean?

buttonholes meaning in Fashion Dictionary

The opening into which a button gels order to close a garment. To make the buttonhole secure and ensure that it stays from raveling, it must be completed in some way. Worked buttonholes tend to be finished by embroidering manually or device across the edge of the buttonhole with a detailed and secure stitch. Worked buttonholes usually have more secure stitches after the buttonhole in which the key will sleep as this location is going to be afflicted by greater tension. Bound buttonholes, generally speaking available on more expensive coats and fits, are made by stitching tiny pieces of textile or fabric around the opening area, then pulling them into within the garment, which makes folded edge of the strip visible through the exterior. Sometimes the fabric or leather-based is a different shade through the garment, as well as the buttonhole becomes the main ornamentation of this garment.