What does buttermilk mean?

buttermilk meaning in General Dictionary

The milk that stays after the butter is divided from the ointment

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  • residue from making butter from sour natural milk; or pasteurized milk curdled with the addition of a culture
  • The milk that remains after the butter is divided from ointment.

buttermilk meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s, from butter (n.) + milk (letter.). Compare German Buttermilch. It's just what remains after the butter has-been churned on.

buttermilk meaning in Cooking Dictionary

1. A thick and tangy milk made from fresh, pasteurized skim or lowfat cow's milk then cultured with bacteria; also referred to as "cultured buttermilk". 2. typically, the fluid staying after the lotion was churned into butter.

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  • Originally a by-product of butter generating, buttermilk is commercially produced by adding lactic acid culture to skimmed or partially skimmed milk. Fluid left after butter is churned solid.

buttermilk meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The milk that continues to be after the butter is separated from the cream.

Sentence Examples with the word buttermilk

Among the attractions in this direction are Buttermilk Falls and ravine, on the outskirts of the city, Lick Brook Falls and glen and Enfield Falls and glen, the last 7 m.

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