What does butte mean?

butte meaning in General Dictionary

A detached low mountain or extreme increasing abruptly from the basic degree of the nearby simple put on peculiar elevations inside Rocky hill area

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  • a slope that rises suddenly through the surrounding area; has a-flat top and sloping edges
  • a town in southwestern Montana; center for mining copper
  • A detached low mountain, or high increasing abruptly from basic degree of the surrounding simple; -- applied to distinct elevations into the Rocky Mountain area.

butte meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1805, United states English, from French butte, from Old French but "mound, knoll" (see butt (n.3)). A French term introduced in Lewis & Clark's journals.

butte - German to English


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  • natural (sausage) casing [blind gut]
  • grape container
  • wood pannier [to be continued a person's straight back]
  • lefteye flounders [family Bothidae]
  • butt
  • grape container
  • tub
  • vat

butte - French to English


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  • butte

butte meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A detached reasonable hill, or high rising abruptly from the general standard of the surrounding plain; -- placed on distinct elevations in Rocky Mountain area.

Sentence Examples with the word butte

Extensive deposits are mined in the United States, particularly at Butte in Montana, and in Namaqualand, South Africa.

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