What does butt-punk mean?

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A white male teen aged to belated 20's that clothes like an aspiring rap star, trips around in some 4 cylinder import POS with pictures, tail fin, and exhaust pipe which makes the automobile sound like a sewing machine. The vehicle has actually an obnoxious speakers that pumps out the newest rap crap, and rims and tires that usually cost more than exactly what the vehicle may be worth. Acts black colored,talks black colored, clothes black(sideways cap that is 2 sizes to big with a bandana under it, jeans 3 sizes to huge so when he walks he's got maintain his hands around the buckle range so they don't slip and show their boxers, and line chains around his throat. He marvels the reason why he is able to only get employment flippin burgers at Mickey Dee's or delivering pizza for Dominos cause he is only tryin to help keep it genuine, whenever truly, he seems like the sum total poser a-hole he is really. Often has actually really brief buzz cut locks and stupid-looking facial hair(if the small vagina can in fact grow it)