What does butt sticker poop mean?

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An alarming problem which could shortly attain epidemic standing, butt sticker poop means a-poop that, as opposed to fall harmlessly in to the water, resists the gravitational pull and bowel push that usually expels poop through the butt into the bathroom, rather clinging to your butt gap leaving an unpleasant fecal residue that is usually hard to wipe.as the specific factors that cause butt sticker poop are not known, specialists hypothesize it may be the results of numerous facets including but not limited by: stressful day to day routine, excessive use of boneless wings, reduced potassium levels, wild and unkempt anal locks, and underwear that doesn't fit precisely.Butt sticker poop just isn't regarded as infectious though it really is recommended you keep away from someone struggling with BSP because they might cranky and surly until the problem passes. For all those struggling with BSP physicians suggest bed sleep and a lengthy post-poop shower.