What does butchiosity mean?

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Adjective "butch" (deeply or stereotypically masculine-looking and -acting, put on both women and men) changed to a jocular noun. "Butch" is these days always an adjective ("i really like your butch new leather jacket"), since the old usage as a noun to imply "boy supplier" (newsbutch or news butcher) peaked during the 1950s and it is now archaic if not completely outdated. The closest nominative utilizes of "butch" are adjuncts or idioms like "butch haircut" or "Harold is a butch top, maybe not a femme base.""Masculinity" implies possesion of masculine qualities or look, while "butchiosity" presents a note of irony: the looks or trying to work in a conventionally or socially-acceptable masculine fashion anticipated because of the straight globe."Butchness" is problematic, as it is not consisently used to suggest the quality of visible masculinity; instead, an individual is actually required into grammatical adaptations like "He behaves in a butch means," or "often he overcompensates and out-butches himself.""Butchiosity" is virtually certainly a back-formation prompted by the 1977 Woody Allen movie ANNIE HALL (screen play: W. Allen and Marshall Brickman): "had been it hefty a rock show? Made it happen achieve . . . heaviosity?"