What does bustier mean?

bustier meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1979, from French bustier, from buste "bust" (see breasts (n.1)).

bustier meaning in Fashion Dictionary

A garment like a corset this is certainly like a mix waistline cinch and brassiere. It concludes in the waist or also includes the hips. Previously an undergarment that has been sometimes called a merry widow, it is currently worn as a woman's top, is normally strapless, that can be made from highly ornamental fabric.

bustier meaning in General Dictionary

a close-fitting and strapless top without sleeves which worn by women either as lingerie and for night gown

bustier - German to English

boob tube [Br.] [coll.]

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  • lace-up straight back bustier
  • halter top [coll.]
  • tube top [Am.]
  • bustier [esp. Am.]
  • cami top
  • crop top [esp. Am.]
  • pullover bra
  • bra top

bustier - French to English

long-line bra