What does businessman mean?

businessman meaning in General Dictionary

people employed in a company at a managerial degree particularly an executive or manager

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  • one engaged in commercial or industrial business (especially an owner or professional)

businessman meaning in Law Dictionary

man which works running a business or business, esp. at an executive level or people with a specified level of skill in financial things.

businessman meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1826, from business + man (n.). Guy of business is taped from 1660s.

businessman meaning in Business Dictionary

an individual who is employed by a company or organization. Entrepreneurs are often involving white collar tasks. To avoid sexism or even the perpetuation of stereotypes, the word can be changed with “businessperson”. The definition of "businesswoman" is less widely used.

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Sentence Examples with the word businessman

He was a polished businessman who would be as disappointed in her rustic lifestyle as she would be with his lavish way of living.

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