What does business risk mean?

business risk meaning in Law Dictionary

company (also referred to as acompany, enterprise, and firm') is a legally acknowledged organization made to provide items or services, or both, to consumers, companies and governmental organizations. Companies are predominant in capitalist economies. Most businesses are privately had.

business risk meaning in Business Dictionary

The probability of loss inherent in a business's functions and environment (such as for example competition and unfavorable fiscal conditions) that may impair being able to offer returns on investment. Business danger and the monetary risk due to use of debt (lent money and/or trade credit) equal complete corporate threat.

business risk meaning in Insurance Dictionary

A risk of loss so closely linked with an insured's way of doing business that its considered never to be the right subject of insurance coverage; these types of risks are typically addressed as overhead (for example., the expense of the loss is included within the cost of their products or services) or as a topic for reduction control. The price of changing a flawed item or redoing flawed work is a vintage "business threat" and so is excluded from most responsibility guidelines.