What does business plan mean?

business plan meaning in Law Dictionary

business plan is an official statement of a couple of company goals, reasons why they're believed achievable, and also the policy for reaching those objectives. It might also include background information on the corporation or staff trying to achieve those objectives.

business plan meaning in Business Dictionary

pair of papers prepared by a strong's management in summary its operational and financial goals when it comes to not too distant future (usually one to three years) and also to show how they would be achieved. It functions as a blueprint to guide the firm's policies and methods, and it is continuously altered as circumstances change and new options and/or threats emerge. Whenever prepared for external market (loan providers, prospective investors) it details days gone by, current, and forecasted performance of company. And usually also contains pro-forma stability sheet, income declaration, and cashflow statement, to illustrate the way the financing becoming desired will affect the company's financial position.