What does bushing mean?

bushing meaning in General Dictionary

The operation of fitting shrubs or linings into holes or places where use will be received or friction reduced as pivot holes etc

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  • a cylindrical metal coating regularly decrease rubbing
  • an insulating lining in an opening through which conductors go
  • of Bush
  • The operation of suitable bushes, or linings, into holes or locations in which use will be gotten, or friction diminished, as pivot holes, etc.
  • A bush or lining; -- occasionally known as a thimble. See 4th Bush.

bushing meaning in Law Dictionary

clamp that grips and shields an electrical cable in which it passes through a metal panel or higher generally speaking, a bearing for a revolving shaft.

bushing meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"metal sleeve fitted into a machine or hole," 1839, from gerundive of bush "metal lining associated with axle opening of a wheel or touch hole of a weapon" (1560s), from Middle Dutch busse "box" (cognate with the 2nd take into account blunderbuss).

bushing meaning in Business Dictionary

Cylindrical liner (sleeve) utilized for limiting how big a bore, reducing friction and wear, supporting load, and/or offering as a guide. Mechanically, a bushing is the same as a bearing except it is frequently a one-part product whereas a bearing could have a couple of parts.

bushing meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bush

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  • (letter.) The procedure of fitting bushes, or linings, into holes or places where wear is usually to be gotten, or rubbing diminished, as pivot holes, etc.

Sentence Examples with the word bushing

It was of the same type as Mallet's engine, and was made by simply bushing one cylinder of an ordinary two-cylinder simple engine, the bushed cylinder being the high-pressure and the other cylinder the low-pressure cylinder.

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