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The work of illegally presuming control of an ignorant population and continuing to benefit from that population's ignorance to preserve power. Bushfucking in addition involves the unabashed pursuit of selfish interests and personal profit at definitely any cost to those you have power and impact over. However, once you have already been bushfucked you simply cannot bushfuck. Either you bushfuck, happen bushfucked or are actively getting a bushfucking: they've been mutually unique. The act of illegally assuming control over an ignorant population and proceeding to benefit from that populace's lack of knowledge to keep energy. Bushfucking in addition requires the unabashed pursuit of selfish passions and personal financial gain at positively any cost to those you've got energy and impact over. However, once you've already been bushfucked you cannot bushfuck. You either bushfuck, have now been bushfucked or are actively obtaining an excellent bushfucking: they're mutually exclusive.