What does burro mean?

burro meaning in General Dictionary

A donkey

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  • small donkey used as a pack pet
  • A donkey.

burro meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"donkey," 1800, from Spanish burrico "donkey," from Late Latin burricus "little, shaggy horse," probably from burrus "reddish-brown," from Greek pyrros "flame-colored, yellowish-red," from pyr (genitive pyros) "fire" (see fire (n.)). Or, because of its shaggy locks, from belated Latin burra "wool."

burro meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a phrase for a donkey or ass

burro - Spanish to English


burro - German to English

burrito [Aloysia polystachya, Lippia polystachya, Wendita calysina] [also burro]

burro meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A donkey.

Sentence Examples with the word burro

The roads, if you could charitably call them such, had been cut a hundred years past by men who knew only their boots or a burro for transportation and had never seen a motorized vehicle, even one as hardy as a Jeep.

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