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Burrelled is extracted from the sexual antics of Patrick Brian "Pat" Burrell, nicknamed "Pat the Bat," He is an old US expert baseball outfielder just who played in major-league Baseball. He stands 6 foot 4 ins high and weighs 235 pounds. With huge forearms that match the space and width of their dick (and so the legend goes!). Considered sex on a stick, he could be known for striking baseballs and every vagina and each female opening in most town he's held it's place in. Wives, siblings, mothers, daughters both hitched and solitary.A multitude of men are crying inside their Wheaties because their particular woman being "burrelled." i.e. = nailed, porked, distribute wide, banged but good, in every opening they have by this amoroushung stud! Forget oysters, I have been told through women buddy that interviewed him that the scent of him had the lady getting thigh sweats and attempting to cover the woman vagina around his log immediately into the place where in actuality the meeting ended up being occurring. The work of cornering and latching onto afraid hesitant females. Continuing this act with complete neglect into females responsiveness