What does burnt-orange couch mean?

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(n) found in allegorical tales and anecdotes. Neighborhood legend has actually it the burnt-orange sofa was discovered in a field somewhere in Northern Canada one summer time. In the process of transporting this big burnt-orange piece of ratty furniture, it crossed a number of freeways from the minds of two teenage devotees, floated gently through road-side ditch liquid, and ended up on the floor flooring patio of a condo. Truth be told there it remained, alternatively sat on, admired, and cursed, until the regional authorities deemed it unfit to keep, at which point it absolutely was carried solemnly to a distant field and deposited gently among the little prairie animals and discarded trash of an abandoned construction site. Rumor has it the burnt-orange chair is visible from road as a burnt-orange glow in a field near the north edge of Grande Prairie, Alberta. 55°11'38.55"N, 118°48'8.06"W