What does burning backflip mean?

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A type of shared or spliff rolled with the backroll technique, but completed off making use of a lighter to burn from the extra paper, instead of ripping or cutting.A correct urning backflip (otherwise referred to as an ultimate burning backflip) can only just be performed if excess report is lit near to the roach, after that held pointing upwards, so the report burns off upwards, like a wick on a stick of dynamite, all the way up to the finish (that ought to happen loosely turned). at this point if for example the time is ideal, it is possible to twist the joint, point it downwards and start to toke upon it. if you have done it just right it will be possible to ignite the spliff from original fire due to the burning away paper.you can easily see that then name burning up straight back flip arises from 1) the backroll and 2) the motions the joint creates as you light/toke it. not just does this appearance cool however it is in addition a nicer smoke, as you have actually eliminated extra paper that you would were inhaling