What does burned were mean?

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much like burned fur. These were weres when taken because of the boring globe tourtured mutilated a horrible brand new fandom. They hate weres beyond belef. I believe otherkin4breakfast is one therefore am I. They have a tendency to expend time insulting weres and making fun of there belefs. The way they are formed take a were and place him or her on a were web site they get flamed and additionally they flame back then the manager bans the newbie. FUCK FACISM. When they would only I would ike to straight back regarding the fuckin web site i'd not be a burned were.

Sentence Examples with the word burned were

Those burned were George van Parris (1551), Flemish surgeon; Patrick Pakingham (1555), fellmonger; Matthew Hamont (1579), ploughwright; John Lewes (1583);(1583); Peter Cole (1587), tanner; Francis Kett (5589), physician and author; Bartholomew Legate (5652), cloth-dealer, last of the Smithfield victims; and the twice-burned fanatic Edward Wightman (1612).

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