What does burn rate mean?

burn rate meaning in Urban Dictionary

How much money a start-up venture uses every month just to stay alive.

burn rate meaning in Finance Dictionary

The rate from which a company is investing its cash reserves.The term is connected highly with dotcom businesses, some of which have-been established with capital raising cash and in some cases have actually raised more money by visiting market via a new issue, but number of which may have profits everywhere close to their particular month-to-month outgoings.Boo.com, the internet fashion merchant that moved spectacularly bust in mid-2000 offered brand-new reach to your burn rate measurement. In 16 months it had £91 million put up by investors.

burn rate meaning in Law Dictionary

The price from which an enterprise uses money, esp. venture capital, more than earnings.

burn rate meaning in Business Dictionary

Speed at which a new firm or project uses capital and credit, before breaking-even and producing some earnings.