What does burglary mean?

burglary meaning in General Dictionary

busting and going into the dwelling household of another in nighttime with intention to dedicate a felony therein perhaps the felonious purpose be achieved or perhaps not

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  • entering a building unlawfully with intent to devote a felony or even to steal important home
  • busting and going into the home house of some other, in the nighttime, with intent to devote a felony therein, whether the felonious function be accomplished or not.

burglary meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the criminal activity of breaking and stepping into a structure for the true purpose of committing a crime. No great force is needed (pushing available a door or slipping through an open window is enough) if the entry is unauthorized. As opposed to typical belief, a burglary is not always for theft. It can affect any crime, such as for instance attack or intimate harassment, perhaps the intended unlawful work is committed or otherwise not. Originally under English common-law burglary had been limited to entry in residences through the night, nonetheless it happens to be broadened to all unlawful entries into any building, and/or into a vehicle.

burglary meaning in Law Dictionary

In criminal legislation. The breaking and going into the house of another in the night-time, with intention to devote a felony therein, if the felony be actually committed or perhaps not. Anderson v. State, 48 Ala. 606, 17 Am. Rep. 36; Benson v. McMahon, 127 U. S. 457, 8 Sup. Ct. 1240, 32 L. Ed. 234; Hunter v. State, 29 Ind. 80; State v. Pettit, 32 Wash. 129, 72 Pac. 1021; State v. Langford, 12 N. C. 253; State v. McCall, 4 Ala. G44, 39 Am. Dec. 314; State v. Wilson, 1 N. J. Law, 439, 1 Am. Dec. 216; Com. v. Newell, 7 Mass. 245. The common-law meaning has been much modified by statute in many of this states. For instance: “Every one who enters any residence, space, apartment, tenement, shop, warehouse, shop, mill, barn, steady, outhouse, or other building, tent, vessel, or railroad car, with intention to devote grand or petit larceny, or any felony, is guilty of burglary.” Pen. Code Cal.

burglary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, Anglo-Latin burglaria (see burglar).

burglary meaning in Business Dictionary

A felony crime thought as the forcible breaking and entering into somebody else's home.

burglary meaning in Insurance Dictionary

Theft of home from within a premises by an individual who unlawfully enters or exits through the premises.

burglary meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Breaking and entering the dwelling house of another, into the nighttime, with intention to devote a felony therein, if the felonious function be carried out or otherwise not.

Sentence Examples with the word burglary

Cynthia Byrne called saying he needn't be concerned about the burglary as nothing had been stolen and it was probably just kids.

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