What does burglarize mean?

burglarize meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1865, United states English, from burglary + -ize. Associated: Burglarized; burglarizing. We see in a telegraphic despatch from throughout the boundary range that a store was "burglarized" a few months ago. Our company is sorry that any thing so dreadful must have occurred to your of your inventive cousins. Truly the United states language is "fearfully and remarkably made." ["Upper Canada Law Journal," September 1865, p.228] Burglarize, to, a term creeping into journalism. "The Yankeeisms donated, collided, and burglarized have already been badly used up by an English magazine copywriter." (Southern Magazine, April, 1871.) Your message has actually a dangerous opponent inside smaller burgle. [Maximilian Schele De Vere, "Americanisms; The English of the "" new world ""," 1872]

burglarize meaning in General Dictionary

commit a burglary; enter and rob a dwelling

Sentence Examples with the word burglarize

He didn't seem to be there to burglarize the place; it was like he was searching for something.

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