What does burgeon mean?

burgeon meaning in General Dictionary

To bud See Bourgeon

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  • grow and flourish
  • To bud. See Bourgeon.

burgeon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., "grow, sprout, blossom," from Anglo-French burjuner, Old French borjoner "to bud, sprout," from borjon "a bud, shoot, pimple" (contemporary French bourgeon), of unsure source. Maybe from Vulgar Latin *burrionem (nominative *burrio), from Late Latin burra "flock of wool," itself of uncertain origin. Some sources (Kitchin, Gamillscheg) state either the French term or perhaps the Vulgar Latin a person is from Germanic. The English verb is perhaps instead a native development from burjoin (letter.) "a bud" (c.1300), from Old French. Related: Burgeoned; burgeoning.