What does burbster mean?

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A pre-college kind of hipster; sort of “beta-hipster” who's nevertheless in high-school and does not live by himself or by herself. To be a real burbster one must attend a personal high school. Other pupils frequently reference burbsters as “artsy” and pupils who are not beta-hipsters will endeavour to copy what sort of perfect burbster resides. True beta-hipsters be involved in Open Mics, in which they study poetry or play guitar; offer on boards of their school’s prestigious literary magazines, hear semi-obscure indie groups consequently they are generally considered nerds as they involve some amount of affinity for science-fiction or reading. False beta-hipsters lack the intellectual region of the equation, but embrace the same styles of music and dress—impostors tend to be drawn to the reality that imitating the preferences they believe burbsters have actually will make all of them seen smart. Impostors are preoccupied by documentation and fill their Facebook pages with photos of them standing in industries with sunflowers, while those who are genuine try not to feel the need to relentlessly classify and capture their particular resides. True burbsters have a tendency to gravitate toward J.Crew, while phony people store at American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. In a variety of ways the burbster is the antithesis associated with the old “alpha” hipster, who's obsessed with drawing awareness of their actions, and the ones who imitate the beta-hipster tend to be (ideally) the very last air of old hipster.