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some body with a house in a suburbian location background-urbie young ones with pity or hatred to burbies The bastard kid of furby and bigfoot.Not is mistaken for barbie. Somebody from suburbs who believes they may be ghetto. Most often, burbies is spotted in low-crime neighborhoods sagging their particular jeans and putting on snapbacks and talking a hoodish slang. Burbies often travel in packs, calling eachother "nigga" and certainly will usually be located skating or cycling. Another title that is used to spell it out burbies is swagfags, nonetheless they can be differentiated in some cases. If you confront a burbie about them being in middle/upper class rather than becoming in a ghetto area, they will get aggressive and work offended and attempt to defend their particular floor, stating that their suburban city is, without a doubt, a ghetto, which ultimately shows their insecurity.Refer to wigger as another definition of this word. Truly the only huge difference is the fact that burbies may be all events, not just white.