What does bur mean?

bur meaning in General Dictionary

Any rough or prickly envelope of seeds of flowers whether a pericarp a persistent calyx or an involucre since the chestnut and burdock a seed vessel having hooks or prickles In addition any grass which holds burs

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  • get rid of the burrs from
  • tiny little bit utilized in dental care or surgery
  • seed vessel having hooks or prickles
  • Alt. of Burr

bur meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"prickly seed vessel of some plants," c.1300, burre, from a Scandinavian origin (compare Danish borre, Swedish hard-borre, Old Norse burst "bristle"), from PIE *bhars- (see bristle (n.)). Transferred 1610s to "rough side on material," that will be the source for the sense "rough sound for the letter -r-" (see burr).

bur meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Burr

Sentence Examples with the word bur

Most of the forest consists of yellow pine, but the spruce, aspen, white birch, bur oak, box elder, red cedar, white elm and cottonwood are among the other varieties found.

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