What does bunnyman bridge mean?

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A "haunted" connection located in Clifton, Virginia. One of the most popular legends into the United States.The actual legend said that in 1905 a mental institute in Clifton had been evacuated plus the inmates were being transferred on a bus to a different building. One inmate (Douglas J. Grifon) been able to escape from the bus and into the forests. There, police discovered hundreds of half-eaten bunny carcases and several people begun to make reference to Grifon since the "Bunnyman"Before their death, Grifon ended up being found by the connection into the shrubs, hiding to jump out on unsuspected victims. After he passed away, a few unexplained fatalities occured here and still occur.Nowadays, it's end up being the location in which drunken adolescents go every Halloween, clothed as bunnies with hatchets to frighten oncoming vehicles and innocent people.