What does bunker mean?

bunker meaning in General Dictionary

to push the ball into a bunker

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  • fill (a ship's bunker) with coal or oil
  • transfer cargo from a ship to a warehouse
  • a sizable container for saving gas
  • hit a golf ball into a bunker
  • a fortification of earth; mainly or totally below ground
  • a hazard on a golf course
  • sort of chest or box, as in a window, the top that serves for a seat.
  • A large bin or similar receptacle; because, a coal bunker.

bunker meaning in Law Dictionary

hollow filled up with sand, utilized as an obstacle on a golf course or a reinforced underground refuge, usually to be used in wartime.

bunker meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1758, originally Scottish, "seat, workbench," of unsure source, possibly a variant of banker "bench" (1670s; see lender (n.2)); perhaps from a Scandinavian supply (compare Old Swedish bunke "boards regularly protect the cargo of a ship"). Of golf classes, initially taped 1824, from extended good sense "earthen chair" (1805); meaning "dug-out fortification" most likely is from World War I.

bunker meaning in Sports Dictionary

A hazard that more usually than maybe not contains sand. You must not ground your club in a hazard before playing your shot. (sport: Golf)

bunker meaning in Business Dictionary

area (put generally on the side and/or base) by which a ship's fuel (coal or oil) is saved onboard. Additionally, amount of the fuel saved onboard.

bunker - German to English

(sand) pitfall [golf]

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  • Atlantic menhaden [Brevoortia tyrannus]
  • bunker
  • dugout
  • pogy [Brevoortia tyrannus]
  • tangible dug-out
  • pillbox [hardened refuge, bunker]
  • air-raid refuge
  • (sand) bunker [sand trap]
  • dugouts

bunker meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Sort of upper body or box, like in a window, the cover that serves for a seat.

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  • (letter.) A big container or similar receptacle; as, a coal bunker.

Sentence Examples with the word bunker

In 1875 he attended the Bunker Hill centenary at Boston, Mass., and delivered a remarkable address.

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