What does bungalow mean?

bungalow meaning in General Dictionary

A thatched or tiled residence or cottage of a single tale typically in the middle of a veranda

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  • a tiny home with a single tale
  • A thatched or tiled home or cottage, of just one story, typically surrounded by a veranda.

bungalow meaning in Law Dictionary

reduced residence, with an easy front-porch, having either no upper flooring or upper rooms occur the roof, usually with dormer house windows.

bungalow meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, from Gujarati bangalo, from Hindi bangla "low, thatched household," actually "Bengalese," used elliptically for "house when you look at the Bengal design" (see Bengal). Related: Bungaloid.

bungalow meaning in Business Dictionary

A type of real-estate that includes a tiny, one-story house or apartment with a specific porch.

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bungalow meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A thatched or tiled household or cottage, of a single story, typically enclosed by a veranda.

Sentence Examples with the word bungalow

Dressed in a sundress and sandals, Deidre left the bungalow on the beach and walked down the long driveway to the small road.

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