What does bumsen mean?

bumsen - German to English

to thud

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  • to thump [to beat or strike with a lifeless noise]
  • to bump uglies [Am.] [sl.]
  • to shag [Br.] [vulg.] [sl.]
  • to ball [vulg.] [Am.]
  • to bang [vulg.]
  • to boink [Am.] [vulg.]
  • to bonk [vulg.]
  • to bump [vulg.]
  • to-do the nasty [coll.]
  • to screw [vulg.]
  • to have some nookie [vulg.]
  • to hump [vulg.]
  • to play hide the sausage [vulg.]
  • to poke [sl.] [of a guy]
  • to roger [Br.] [vulg.]
  • to root [Aus.] [NZ] [sl.]
  • to screw [vulg.] [to have intercourse]
  • to shaft [vulg.]
  • to help make whoopee [esp. Am.] [coll.]