What does bumping mean?

bumping meaning in Law Dictionary

Knock or run into some one or something, typically with a jolt, satisfy by possibility, harm or damage (one thing) by striking or slamming it against something else, cause to collide with something, move or vacation with much jolting and jarring or push (something) jerkily in a specified path.

bumping meaning in Business Dictionary

Denial of seating to passengers with verified tickets for an overbooked trip. As a broad (and legal) rehearse, air companies issue even more tickets than available-seats to stop losses because no-show passengers. Bumped guests are usually supplied an increased reservation class (first-class instead of economy, like) on a next trip, vouchers for cash or tickets for future travel, and/or resort accommodation (as detail by detail when you look at the service's agreement of carriage). Air cargo and luggage also is bumped as airlines like to carry guests (if readily available) than products because, lb for lb, fares generate more revenue than freight. Delivery and transportation businesses bump low freight-rate cargo for large freight-rate one.

bumping meaning in General Dictionary

of Bump

bumping meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bump

Sentence Examples with the word bumping

She sat up quickly, bumping her head on the wagon.

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