What does bum hungry syndrome mean?

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often called "BHS" bum hungry problem is the knickers of a male or female once they have actually ridden up into the cheeks regarding the bottom. The term "bum hungry syndrome" derives through the concept of your arse being so hungry it has in fact stared to consume your pants...BHS is generally brought on by ill fitting underwear, specific varieties of undies cause chronic bum hungry syndrome, to such an extent it may mature into "starving bum syndrome" these pants feature: girl boxers, large legged briefs together with notorious laced pants. A note for those of you attempting to prevent BHS...ironically jeans purchased from store "BHS" (Brit home stores) cannot result in the disease, though people bought at Primark do (speaking from personal knowledge!)In really serious instances once the knicker-line of BHS can be viewed from beyond your clothing, its at this point that BHS needs to be ejected. One advises you walk rapidly to an uncrowded area and do the deed, as it had been.