What does bullying mean?

bullying meaning in General Dictionary

Noisily domineering maintaining browbeat other individuals

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  • noisily domineering; looking after browbeat other individuals
  • the act of daunting a weaker individual make sure they are take action
  • of Bully

bullying meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1802, verbal noun from bully (v.).

bullying meaning in Insurance Dictionary

A type of conduct which anyone harasses someone over a time frame, in a workplace environment. Bullying is described as a design of deliberate, upsetting, and menacing actions. Bullying might have two aspects: physical—such as making intimidating real threats, pressing, pushing, and invading your personal area; or psychological—such as mental intimidation which mostly covert, including joking or initiation rites that may mask sadistic behavior. Workers just who claim to have-been bullied by various other employees tend to be increasingly suing employers. Bullying has grown to become therefore typical more than 30 of states have passed away anti-bullying legislation.

bullying meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bully

Sentence Examples with the word bullying

Even the Italian peasant is said occasionally to offer both abuse and physical violence to the image of a recalcitrant saint; and antiquity wondered at the bullying manner of the Egyptians towards their gods (cf.

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