What does bully wank Bully Wank mean?

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This is how you've mildly got the horn nevertheless're tired/had a lengthy day/been wanking all day anyhow and then you force you to ultimately masturbate together with all that. Definitely, permission is involved, it isn't as if you have to coerce your self into getting your genitals - "Oh come on, honey, you will like it, I promise!" - much more which you feel you ought to have a play, also because of the condition you're in, while actually you will need to enjoy it, you heartis only maybe not with it. This often takes place when your lover, usually your gf or wife, has gone to fall asleep and you have the horn but she's having none from it. To start the Bully Wank you gently drive your hard-on into her straight back until she in the course of time provides in and she turns over and quickly and aggressively wanks you off.