What does bullpen mean?

bullpen meaning in General Dictionary

an open area in a baseball stadium from the playing area in which pitchers may heat up by tossing some test pitches before playing

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  • a location on a baseball field where relief pitchers can warm up during a game
  • a sizable cellular where prisoners (individuals waiting for test or phrase or refugees or illegal immigrants) tend to be confined collectively temporarily

bullpen meaning in Law Dictionary

n enclosure for bulls, a workout area for baseball pitchers, the relief pitchers of a baseball group, an open-plan office area or a large cellular for which prisoners are held before a court hearing.

bullpen meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also bull-pen, 1915, when you look at the baseball feeling, from bull (n.1) + pen (n.2); possibly from earlier slang definition "temporary keeping mobile for prisoners" (1809). Bullpen in addition had been title of a baseball-like online game played in U.S. late 19c.

bullpen meaning in Business Dictionary

A slang term found in different company structures to spell it out a workspace full of desks, instead of separating walls. In a brokerage home, younger agents are typically into the bullpen, and practiced brokers and advisors have actually their very own offices.