What does bulletproof mean?

bulletproof meaning in Law Dictionary

effective at resisting the power of a bullet; resistant to penetration by a bullet; armored; as, a bulletproof vest; a bulletproof screen. Created to be able to be resistant to misuse or abuse and incompetent at breakdown under typical use; because, a bulletproof computer system.

bulletproof meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Informally, a thing that is perfect or without problems. "His thinking for the reason why he deserved a raise was bulletproof, thus we provided him a raise immediately." "Our supervisor told us when we did not built a bulletproof suggestion when it comes to important customer, we would be taken out of the project because of our failure." 2. Virtually, unable to be destroyed because of the influence of a fired bullet.

bulletproof meaning in General Dictionary

without flaws or loopholes

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  • make bulletproof
  • perhaps not penetrable by bullets

bulletproof - German to English

Bulletproof [Ernest R. Dickerson]

Sentence Examples with the word bulletproof

He wanted to warn the young man to wear a bulletproof vest and keep his hands in his lap for protection.

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