What does bull dyke hive mean?

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The location regarding the Bull Dykes in which they swarm and hoan their bull dyke-ish thoughts and their typical bull actions. Entering a hive is highly dangerous rather than advised. If unwelcomed the bull dyke's queen will give off a chemical pheromone, next probably the most bullish dyke will lay on see your face while the various other dozen into the hive will show up from with dried out solid fists in a synchronized fisting activity. Regrettably the person they never go equivalent and show the familiar post buldyke hive scare tissue. Intercourse: As real to Bull Dykes, obtained sworn off vaginal sex and just pleasure by themselves in the assSmell: A hive is easily smelt from vast distances. You can often tell if they've been really near when they commence to vomit in their mouths. Now it is recommended to instantly change and run through the fists that are bound to be swarming.