What does bulky mean?

bulky meaning in General Dictionary

Of great volume or dimensions of good dimensions large thick massive as bulky volumes

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  • of large-size for the body weight
  • Of great bulk or dimensions; of great dimensions; big; dense; massive; since, bulky amounts.

bulky meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "plump, stout," from volume (n.) + -y (2). Related: Bulkiness.

bulky meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of good volume or dimensions; of great size; big; thick; huge; since, large volumes.

Sentence Examples with the word bulky

Yet over and over again his determination of the affinities of several groups even of European birds was disregarded; and his labours, being contained in a bulky and costly work, were hardly known at all outside of his own country, and within it by no means appreciated so much as they deserved '-for even Naumann himself, who gave them publication, and was doubtless in some degree influenced by them, utterly failed to perceive the importance of the characters offered by the song-muscles of certain groups, though their peculiarities were all duly described and recorded by his coadjutor, as some indeed had been long before by Cuvier in his famous dissertation 2 on the organs of voice in birds (Lecons d'anatomie comparee, iv.

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