What does building bridges mean?

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1. to produce drunk; intoxicate. 2. alcohol consumption for the true purpose of getting intoxicated.(In this context, bridges–noun: alcohol based drinks eaten to achieve the state of intoxication.)This term ended up being coined for comedic relief also to stay away from sounding like a fucktard whenever speaking about becoming inebriated on future weekend. Frequently used in the Orange County, California reigon. Coined in Tesoro High, this term began as an internal laugh and expanded after that. Use in front side of authority figures (moms and dads, instructors, etc) to make them get "wtf?" However, usage sparingly. Grownups catch on amazingly quick.

Sentence Examples with the word building bridges

He himself claims to have brought more than a thousand Marcionites within the pale of the church, and to have destroyed many copies of the Diatessaron of Tatian, which were still in ecclesiastical use; and he also exerted himself to improve the diocese, which was at once large and poor, by building bridges and aqueducts, beautifying the town, and by similar works.

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