What does building and loan association mean?

building and loan association meaning in Law Dictionary

n organization created for the goal of amassing a fund by the month-to-month subscriptions and cost savings of the users to help all of them in building or buying for themselves dwellings or real estate because of the loan in their mind regarding the necessity money from the funds for the organization. McCauley v. Association, 97 Tenn. 421, 37 S. W. 212, 35 L. R. A. 244, 56 Am. St. Rep. 813; Cook v. Association, 104 Ga. 814, 30 S. E. 911; Pfels- ter v. Association, 19 W. Va. 693.

building and loan association meaning in Business Dictionary

A state or national chartered financial organization that uses consumers' deposits and subscriptions to purchase the residential home mortgages of people to improve residence ownership is a building and loan relationship. Both consumers and depositors are able to guide building and loan associations that are mutually held.