What does bugbear mean?

bugbear meaning in General Dictionary

identical to Bugaboo

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  • To alarm with idle phantoms
  • an imaginary monster used to frighten young ones
  • an object of fear or apprehension
  • some thing frightful, as a specter; something imaginary that triggers unnecessary fright; anything familiar with excite unnecessary fear; additionally, something actually dangerous, accustomed frighten children, etc.
  • Same as Bugaboo.
  • Causing unnecessary fright.
  • To alarm with idle phantoms.

bugbear meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1580s, a kind of demon in the shape of a bear that consumes young children, also "object of dread" (whether genuine or perhaps not), from obsolete bug "goblin, scarecrow" (see bug (letter.)) + bear (n.).

bugbear meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) anything frightful, as a specter; everything imaginary that creates unnecessary fright; some thing used to excite unnecessary concern; in addition, some thing truly dangerous, accustomed frighten young ones, etc.

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  • (letter.) just like Bugaboo.
  • (a.) Causing needless fright.
  • (v. t.) To alarm with idle phantoms.

Sentence Examples with the word bugbear

He was the hero of the one side, just as he was the bugbear of the other.

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