What does bugaboo mean?

bugaboo meaning in General Dictionary

One thing frightful as a specter something imaginary that creates unnecessary fright one thing used to stimulate needless fear additionally some thing truly dangerous or an imaginary monster familiar with frighten children etc

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  • an imaginary beast regularly frighten children
  • a source of issue
  • Alt. of Bugbear

bugaboo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1843, earlier in the day buggybow (1740), probably a modification of bugbear (also see bug (n.)), but linked by Chapman ["Dictionary of United states Slang"] with Bugibu, demon in the Old French poem "Aliscans" from 1141, that will be maybe of Celtic source (compare Cornish bucca-boo, from bucca "bogle, goblin").

bugaboo meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Bugbear