What does buffer mean?

buffer meaning in General Dictionary

to incorporate a buffer5 to a solution so as to lower unwanted fluctuation of acidity

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  • a flexible apparatus or fender for deadening the container due to the collision of figures as a buffer at the end of a railway automobile
  • protect from effect
  • add a buffer (a remedy)
  • (biochemistry) an ionic compound that resists alterations in its pH
  • a neutral zone between two rival capabilities this is certainly created to diminish the danger of conflict
  • a likely steel frame in front of a locomotive to clear the track
  • (computer science) a part of RAM used for short-term storage of data that's waiting to-be sent to a tool; regularly compensate for variations in the rate of flow of information between components of a computer system
  • a power tool always buff surfaces
  • an apply comprising smooth product mounted on a block; employed for polishing (such as manicuring)
  • a cushion-like device that lowers surprise considering a direct impact
  • An elastic device or fender, for deadening the container due to the collision of systems; because, a buffer after a railway car.
  • A pad or pillow forming the end of a fender, which gets the blow; -- often known as buffing apparatus.
  • a person who polishes with a buff.
  • A wheel for buffing; a buff.
  • A good-humored, slow-witted other; -- generally said of an senior man.

buffer meaning in Law Dictionary

In a fiber optic cable, a buffer is certainly one variety of element used to encapsulate one or more optical materials for the true purpose of providing these types of functions as technical separation, protection from real harm and fibre identification.

buffer meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1835, representative noun from obsolete verb buff "make a dull noise when struck" (mid-16c.), from Old French bufe "a blow, slap, punch" (see buffet (n.2)); hence in addition "something which absorbs a blow."

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  • 1894, from buffer (n.). Associated: Buffered; buffering.

buffer meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a) creatures placed to produce game less of a desire by providing as meals for many who might strike online game. b)Any tool which is used to assist pull horse footwear nails by cutting the clinch c) a small grouping of chemical substances that may resist the impacts of changes in PH in the environment.

buffer meaning in Business Dictionary

tiny amount of memory useful for short-term storage of information, usually to compensate for variations in processing or transmitting speeds of two attached devices, particularly a pc and a printer. It serves as a reservoir where the greater rate unit (computer) dumps the data that is then 'trickled' to the slower one (printer). Buffering can be required where a constant large bit price has got to be preserved, such in compress-decompression process found in transmission or playing of audio/video files. See in addition cache.

buffer meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

A buffer includes information that is kept for a brief timeframe, typically inside computer system's memory (RAM). The goal of a buffer should hold information before it is made use of. Including, once you install an audio or movie file on the internet, it might probably weight initial 20per cent from it into a buffer then begin to play. Even though the clip plays straight back, the pc continually downloads the rest of the video and shops it when you look at the buffer. Because the clip will be played from the buffer, circuitously on the internet, there is certainly less of a chance that the audio or movie will stall or miss if you have network obstruction. Buffering is employed to enhance other aspects of computer system performance besides. Many hard disks utilize a buffer allow more efficient usage of the data regarding the disk. Movie cards send pictures to a buffer before they truly are exhibited regarding the display (referred to as a screen buffer). Computer system programs make use of buffers to store information as they are operating. If it were not for buffers, computer systems would operate much less effortlessly and we also could be waiting around much more.

buffer meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An elastic equipment or fender, for deadening the jar due to the collision of systems; since, a buffer at the conclusion of a railroad car.

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  • (letter.) A pad or cushion forming the termination of a fender, which receives the blow; -- often known as buffing device.
  • (n.) One who polishes with a buff.
  • (n.) A wheel for buffing; a buff.
  • (n.) A good-humored, slow-witted other; -- usually said of an elderly guy.

Sentence Examples with the word buffer

This Lakhmid kingdom was more or less dependent, during the four centuries of its existence, on the Sassanian empire, to which it formed a sort of buffer state towards Arabia.

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