What does budget dream mean?

budget dream meaning in Urban Dictionary

not exactly exactly like your typcical bad dream but just like a nightmare in its vividness. A budget fantasy is often as "real" as a nightmare appears to be but does not have the intense concern. Rather, a budget dream is more like a reasonably normal dream but with no splendor, brilliance or imagination included. That will be changed by an actual life setting or circumstance that seems in no way enjoyable or wonderous, but boringly real-life and often a bad experience. This is how it obtained the name 'budget fantasy' since it tends to be what you should phone a dream, but without any dream or emotion, quite simply low priced, like a movie without the cash division it cops completely any special FX or narrative.A common side-effect of a budget fantasy should come to be puzzled in regards to what happened in real-life, and exactly what didn't and was element of a dream, due to the fact the fantasy had been too boringly genuine to discern from a proper memory.