What does budface mean?

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(BUH-D FAY-S) - noun - an individual who features inhaled the plant known as cannibus beyond the point of recreational usage or even the point at which one is incapable of stop hysterical laughing, irregular appetites, unwaivering sleepiness or any mix of these signs.2. An individual who constantly solicits this illicit drug with motives or reasons that the contraban has been specifically acquired for non-medicinal functions.Origin: Budface offers the prefix 'Bud' which is an Hispanic/African-American slang term that is the real blooming buds for the opium filled cannibus plant. The suffix 'face' comes from the latin term "fac" indicating fully engulfed in or distinguishing your head part of your body. Therefor when both of these terms are brought collectively they form the noun Budface that has been always replace the less frequently employed terms such buddhahead or pothead."