What does buddy jesus mean?

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1. Originally from the Kevin Smith movie "Dogma". When you look at the film, Cardinal Glick, during his "Catholicism WOW!" promotion to maneuver the chapel towards a younger, "hipper" demographic, advise replacing the crucifix with a brand new picture of Christ. This variation is grinning like an infomercial host, with one-hand thumbs-up and another hand doing a phony Hollywood "Bang-bang" motion. Imagine Jesus if he were subject to Neilsen reviews.2. Anyone who possesses all the false allure and lack of genuine high quality as personified by the icon represented in meaning 1; as an example, that fake cockbite in which you work. It can help if they walk-around constantly acting like only they could save your self you/the corporation/Earth/Jimmy Olsen. Martyrdom: It's good gig when you can have it.