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Its how i state friend, you bozack 1.) Some random man which don't wave to you personally on the road, or perhaps greet you.2.) A person who you wrong/screws you over3.) A particularly bad driverWhile usable for several genders and centuries, the preferred word when conversing with a lady is "lady" (lay-day).When a child could be the target: "junior" (joon-ya) is suitable. A manifestation accustomed show exactly how much you love some thing, to show an admiration, become very BUDDAY BUDDAY, and also as always, emphasis is key. Said because of this, "BUDDAY- have focus on the BUD yet less focus on the afternoon, but never dropping focus on the complete term. BUDDAY. Just like saying it like, BAU-dae, (in lamen terms). Used to show emotions such as the instances below: