What does buckwheat mean?

buckwheat meaning in General Dictionary

A plant Fagopyrum esculentum associated with the Polygonum family members the seed which can be used for meals

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  • an associate associated with genus Fagopyrum; annual Asian plant with clusters of tiny pinkish white blossoms and small delicious triangular seeds which are made use of entire or floor into flour
  • grain surface into flour
  • A plant (Fagopyrum esculentum) regarding the Polygonum family members, the seed of which is used for meals.
  • The triangular seed made use of, whenever ground, for griddle desserts, etc.

buckwheat meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, from Middle Dutch boecweite "beech grain" (compare Danish boghvede, Swedish bovete, German Buchweizen), so-called from similarity between grains and seed of beech trees. Perhaps a native development for a passing fancy design whilst the Dutch term, from a dialectal kind of beech. See beech + grain.

buckwheat meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Despite typical misconceptions, buckwheat is neither a wheat nor a grain. It is actually the triangular seeds of a plant linked to rhubarb. After the seeds are hulled and floor they are called groats. Groats (usually available in fine, moderate and coarse grinds) are prepared in a fashion much like rice.

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  • An herb whose seeds share a unique nutty, slightly fermented taste to pancakes alongside baked goods, in addition to to noodles and pasta; due to its reduced gluten content, its combined with various other flours for baking.

buckwheat meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A plant (Fagopyrum esculentum) for the Polygonum family, the seed which is employed for meals.

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  • (n.) The triangular seed utilized, when floor, for griddle cakes, etc.

Sentence Examples with the word buckwheat

See, the fifth company is turning into the village already... they will have their buckwheat cooked before we reach our quarters.

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