What does buckling mean?

buckling meaning in General Dictionary

Wavy curling as tresses

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  • of Buckle
  • Wavy; curling, as hair.

buckling meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Term accustomed reference a male goat between one and two yrs old.

buckling - German to English


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  • kipper
  • red-herring [smoked herring]
  • smoked herring
  • bow [obeisance]

buckling meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Buckle

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  • (a.) Wavy; curling, as hair.

Sentence Examples with the word buckling

In the case of the plate web there must be a considerable excess of material, partly to stiffen it against buckling and partly because an excess of thickness must be provided to reduce the effect of corrosion.

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